James Chiew – The beginning

Kunstenaar: James Chiew
Titel: The beginning
Techniek:  abstract / mixed media / around 12 layers high gloss resin
Afmeting: 120x120cmcm
Oplage 1/1 uniek

This artwork entitled “The Beginning”, created by artist James Chiew, is a stunning abstract piece made with the technique of mixed media and around 12 layers of high gloss resin. The artwork measures 120x120cm and is a one-of-a-kind work with an edition of 1/1.

The piece features a vibrant red background that adds depth and contrast to the artwork. The technique of layers of high gloss resin adds an additional dimension to the artwork, creating a three-dimensional and shiny effect that is truly impressive.

This abstract artwork is perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of contemporary art and are looking for a unique piece to adorn their walls. With “The Beginning”, you will have a truly unique artwork that will surely be the highlight of any space in which it is displayed.

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