James Chiew – LV bag silver


Kunstenaar: James Chiew
Titel: LV silver bag
Techniek:  Lenticulair met lijst
Afmeting: 65x65cm

“LV silver bag” is an artwork by artist James Chiew created using lenticular technique and framed with dimensions of 65x65cm.

The lenticular technique used in the artwork gives it a three-dimensional appearance that changes depending on the viewer’s angle of vision, creating a unique and intriguing visual experience. The image features a silver bag from the luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton, an icon of luxury fashion.

The frame that surrounds the artwork helps highlight and frame the image, making it even more attractive and eye-catching. The combination of lenticular technique and frame makes “LV silver bag” an artwork that challenges cultural norms and questions the relationship between fashion and society.

The artwork can be interpreted in various ways, such as a critique of consumerism or as a reflection on the role of fashion in society. Overall, “LV silver bag” is an artwork that invites the viewer to reflect on issues of identity and consumption, offering a unique and engaging visual experience.

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