Peter Donkersloot – Johan Cruijff classic


Kunstenaar: Peter Donkersloot
Titel: Johan Cruijff  classic
Afmeting: 120x120cm
Techniek: Ingeschilderde gicleé

The artwork “Johan Cruijff classic” is an incredible representation of the legendary Dutch football player. With the ingeschilderde gicleé technique, artist Peter Donkersloot perfectly captured Johan Cruijff’s serene expression, looking forward with a mix of determination and tranquility. The background of the artwork features brown tones that create a nostalgic and classic feeling, evoking the era in which Johan Cruijff shone on the football fields.

This artwork is an excellent addition to any art collection, especially for football fans and admirers of Johan Cruijff, an icon of sport and pop culture. With its dimensions of 120x120cm, the artwork has an imposing visual impact and can be the centerpiece of any room. Additionally, being an ingeschilderde gicleé ensures the quality and durability of the print, making it a safe choice for long-term investment.


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