James Chiew – Sensual reflection


Kunstenaar: James Chiew
Titel: Sensual reflcetion girl
Techniek:  Aluminium / mixed media on reflectionfoil / high gloss resin
Afmeting: 150x100cm

“Sensual Reflection Girl” by James Chiew is an artwork in aluminum, mixed media on reflective foil, and high-gloss resin finishing, with dimensions of 150x100cm.

The piece portrays a girl in a sensual pose, with her reflection being reflected on the reflective foil. The mixed media technique on reflective foil creates an illusion of movement and depth, while the high-gloss resin finishing adds a mirrored effect and enhances the details of the piece.

The artwork can be interpreted as a reflection on beauty, sensuality, and self-image. The image of the reflected girl may symbolize how society often makes us feel pressured to look at ourselves through the eyes of others, instead of celebrating our own individuality.

Overall, “Sensual Reflection Girl” is an artwork that explores human nature, beauty, and individuality through a combination of contemporary art techniques.

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