James Chiew – Hollywood in golden age


Kunstenaar: James Chiew
Titel: Hollywood in golden age
Techniek:   aluminium / details / mixed media / high gloss resin
Oplage:  15
Afmeting: 250x120cm

“Hollywood in golden age” is an artwork by artist James Chiew, with dimensions of 250x120cm, created using mixed media technique, aluminum details, and high gloss resin. The artwork depicts actors and actresses from the golden age of Hollywood dressed in period costumes.

The technique used in the artwork gives it a unique and impressive appearance, making it highly attractive and eye-catching. The use of aluminum details adds texture and depth to the artwork, creating a three-dimensional effect that varies depending on the viewer’s angle of vision.

“Hollywood in golden age” is an exclusive artwork, with a limited edition of 15 copies. The composition of the artwork harks back to the golden age of American cinema and celebrates the glamourization of the film industry during that era.

In summary, “Hollywood in golden age” is an impressive and nostalgic artwork that invites the viewer to delve into the history of cinema and reflect on the influence that Hollywood had on American and global culture, using an unusual and creative approach.

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