Van Apple – Keith Harring


Kunstenaar: Diederik van Apple
Titel: Keith harring Turtle
Techniek: Resin chroome acryl
Afmeting: 40x25x25cm

The artwork “Keith Haring Turtle” is a creation by artist Diederik van Apple. The piece is composed of chrome resin and acrylic and has dimensions of 40x25x25cm.

In the artwork, we can see a turtle with a fluorescent green and yellow shell, inspired by the style of artist Keith Haring. The use of chrome resin and acrylic gives a unique visual effect to the artwork, with shines and reflections that change depending on the viewer’s perspective.

The choice of the turtle as the central focus of the artwork can have different interpretations, depending on the viewer’s perspective. However, the piece presents a connection to environmental themes and the concern for the preservation of marine life.

The work of artist Diederik van Apple contributes to the diversity and richness of the current art scene, and “Keith Haring Turtle” is an example of his creativity and technical ability.

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